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Bowls is Bowls

Tiny Carpet

Ian Litchfield who used Bowls to help his recovery from a serious head injury arising from a car crash, has come up with a "Tiny Carpet" as a way of promoting Bowls as "A SPORT FOR EVERYONE" and Physical Activity in Nursing Homes/ Residential Homes/ Disability Groups as well as Youth Clubs.

In 2015 the Bowls Development Alliance awarded Ian a Volunteer Award in recognition of all he and his team have done to introduce bowls to disabled people within the Daventry region. http://www.eiba.co.uk/bda/db-050815.pdf

Ian is continuing his work in the area and is happy to visit local groups to demonstrate his tiny carpet to promote physical activity, Bowls and other sports. Just send an e-mail about your group to daventrybowls@outlook.com and Ian will be in touch.

"The 'Tiny Astro Carpet' made for a more relaxing morning by providing activities for all residents and it was great to see EVERYONE interacting and enjoying the activities which the 'Tiny Astro Carpet' provides."

A residential home

"Playing Petanque with the residents at Hallaton Manor has had many benefits, first of all it is great fun for everyone and causes much laughter for out residents, it also helps their co ordination and gives a sense of achievement as it is a game that nearly anyone of any ability or age can play. It's simple yet very effective and I would recommend this game to any nursing/residential home"

Vicki Vellacott (Hallaton Manor)