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1606 Sir Edward Montague - (Post Guy Fawkes), Helped legalise bowling. THANK YOU

By Mark Courtney Bowls is Bowls

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Bowls is Bowls Contributor


MONTAGU (MOUNTAGUE), Sir Edward (c.1562-1644), of Boughton, Weekley, Northants. and Little Britain, London

At the opening of the second session [of Parliament] Montagu was named to the privileges committee (5 Nov. 1605), and once proceedings resumed after the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, he was appointed to consider how best to prevent future Catholic conspiracies (21 Jan. 1606), and to attaint the plotters (30 April).60

He chaired the committee for a bill to legalize bowling, an activity prohibited by the Statute for the Maintenance of Artillery (26 Apr.), which he reported on 8 May and it passed after a division.68

Thank you, else us bowlers would be breaking the law INCLUDING KING CHARLES I when he played ay Boughton House.


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