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Bolt Bowls

England International David Bolt has been selected to represent England at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia. David is one of a 17 strong squad that has been selected by Bowls England to fly the flag at the games from the 4th April to 15th April 2018. 

Reflecting on his selection David said 

"Having been part of this great sport for 28 years now, I have gone through the highs and lows but I firmly believe that if YOU want to succeed, are willing to learn, then good things will come your way at all levels of Bowls. 

I hope to use the knowledge and experience I have gathered throughout my career to help and develop the sport and those who are willing be a part of it. We are not always right but will always aim to guide players in the right direction to hopefully fulfil their personal targets whilst promoting this "sport for EVERYONE" to those who maybe judge a 'book by its cover' IN ALL FORMATS OF THE GREAT GAME OF BOWLS."

The Boul Trader Team is delighted to have David supporting the Team to "PROMOTE THE GREAT GAME OF BOWLS FOR EVERYONE ACROSS ALL FORMATS Carpet, Boccia, Short Mat, Crown, Flat, Federation, Petanque, ten Pin ..............".

The aim is to increase Bowls Participation across all formats of bowls and "EVERYONE" includes:-

1) the non-bowler, (including those with disabilities for clarity), who thinks the sport it not for them for whatever reason

2) those have just started bowling and are getting frustrated as the game may be harder to master than they thought (David is still learning after 28 years)

3) to those playing Bowls socially and want to raise their standard of play to be able to give their friends a better game

4) to those entering their Club/ County/ Regional/ National Competitions (in the many formats of our game) as without Bowlers entering there would be NO CHAMPIONS

5) to those competing on the

i) Short Mat Players Tour "SMPT"

ii) Open Singles Circuit "OSC"

iii) WBT to play at Potters to be "WORLD CHAMPION" in the month of January.

And David says "If I can help to increase the participation levels to secure the future of our game then it will be just as important to me than any championship win."

Astro Bowls Bolt Bowls
Astro Bowls Bolt Bowls
Astro Bowls Bolt Bowls
Astro Bowls Bolt Bowls