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Astro Bowls

"Astro Bowls" is working to promote all formats of bowls by using

"Astrobowls". Building on the successful "Bowls Daventry" project, to give a way of addressing the loss of traditional outdoor lawn bowling greens and the loss of indoor bowling greens, Mark then came up with the idea to play bowls on existing artificial sports surfaces (hockey pitches, football pitches, tennis courts, running tracks...... ) within local communities was born via "Astrobowls". David Bolt, an England International Lawn Bowler came down to Northamptonshire to give it a go from Sunderland as he was intrigued by the idea. David was initially sceptical BUT was impressed by how good the "astroturf" surface was to play bowls on and felt it was a way of promoting bowls in the future in places where no bowling greens exist.

1) Artificial Sports Surfaces which are currently NOT USED for Bowls. Why not play Crown Green Bowls, Lawn Bowls, Short Mat Bowls, Boccia, Federation Bowls, Petanque all year round outdoors in local communities on a hockey pitch, football pitch, tennis court? 

Artificial surfaces are multi-sport surfaces, widespread across the country AND are disability accessible.

"Astro Bowls" gives Bowls/ Bowls Clubs the opportunity to take bowls on an INCLUSIVE BASIS to a new group of bowlers from 10 to 55 of all abilities who currently in many cases do not know they have Bowls Clubs in their local community by changing the face of Bowls to attract new members.

How many thousands of new bowlers could we introduce to the sport with the unique approach to Bowls Development.