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8 Jan 2018 Bolty's Daventry Visit

The first picture is of Tracey, Avon, John, David and Marion with "Daventry Town Mayor" Lynne Taylor in front, at Daventry Indoor Bowls Club based at Browns Road (Next to Daventry Football club), the second is of David Bolt, who lives in Sunderland, for those who do not know him.

1) 9.45am The Day started early for David at Mayfield Park Sports Club where Daventry Tiger Bowls Club is based

2) 10.15am David was impressed with the Community Centre and reading all about the Short Mat club based there which plays Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

3) 10.30 am Daventry Town Bowling Club next to Daventry Rugby Club

The next stop at 10.30am was a visit to Daventry Town Bowling Club (next to the Rugby Club). John Moore a Director of the club was on hand to welcome David Bolt and show him around the excellent Facilities, with John Hodgkinson (Greenkeeper and Monday night captain) joining John and David at the end to talk more bowls and the key issues as they see them.

The visit was captured on Facebook Live and can be seen by copying the link below and pasting it in your browser.

4) 11.15 am Daventry Indoor Bowls Club (Browns Road) next to Daventry Football Club.

David had a coaching appointment with some of the club members and Daventry Town Mayor (Lynne Taylor) who had met David on his last visit on 31 March 2017, so it was like old Friends meeting, or so we thought, the picture may tell a different story.

David had an assistant for the coaching ,Avon Compton a New Zealand International Carpet Bowler, who during his "holiday" to England from New Zealand kindly took time out to come to Daventry to help David initially and then give Carpet Bowls Coaching later in the day.

We then see the winning team of Mayor Lynne being thanked by her Partner John Moore (Director of Daventry Town Bowls Club) who was delighted to help support and promote the great facility the Town has in Daventry Indoor Bowls Club

5) 1.00 pm Mayor Lynne then invited David and Avon to Daventry Museum (New Street Daventry)

a) to a game on Ian Litchfield's Tiny carpet (which the Ladies from Daventry Town Council Won) beating the 2 Bowls Internationals 

b) David then presented Mayor Lynne with one of his England International Shirts signed "Bolty" AND the unique "Bowls England 2014 Commonwealth Games shirt" signed by the team including Ellen Faulkner and Sian Honor (nee Gordon) the current editor of the highly respected "Bowls International" magazine FOR THE DAVENTRY MUSEUM "Sports and Leisure" exhibitions to open on Saturday.

the next picture shows the two shirts, plus an old lignoid "wood" / Bowl and other Daventry Tigers and Daventry Town memorabilia proudly being displayed in the cabinet next to the entrance to the museum. Yhank you to Bill Humphries a "Gentleman of the Bowls World" on the left in the picture taken with Mayor Lynne at Daventry Indoor Bowls Club receiving advice from Dave Symonds of Daventry Tigers with Mick Isom also of Daventry Tigers looking on.

c) to a sneak preview of the exhibition, copy and paste this link to have your very own preview.

6) 2.00pm the team split and

a) Mayor Lynne then went with Ian & Jhiona Litchfield to meet the local Stonhills Estate Agency Team  in the high street, where the Fruit and Veg stall is on Market days, Tuesdays and Fridays to PLAY SOME MORE BOWLS. Mayor Lynne and the Stonhills team had a great time playing bowls at Stonhills as the photos testify to.

Stonhills Estate Agency is one of Daventry's local businesses and a leading local Estate Agency in the Town and area, who kindly sponsored this Bowls Promotional day, like they did the successful original 40% membership increase bowlsDAVENTRY project. Without the help of our sponsors these events would not happen, Thank you Stonhills.

b) David Bolt and Avon went to the EVERYONE ACTIVE, Daventry Leisure Centre, to show 'Daventry District Council' Chairman David James and his wife Janet the CONSORT, how to play Carpet Bowls, which maybe a first for Daventry Leisure Centre. Avon now showed his stuff quickly coaching both to be able to bowl to such an extent a one end game was hastily arranged between husband and wife. The atmosphere was tense with both wanting to win AND the result was the better bowler win on the day with a full house, well done THE CONSORT.





"I had a great day with David Bolt, playing Bowls in many great locations across the Daventry with friendly and welcoming new friends. I was amazed how well i played considering it was my first time. I enjoyed my visit to a local estate agent, 'Stonhills' to meet the team, play bowls with them and the banter was second to none. Thank you to bowlsDAVENTRY for the invite and i am looking forward the end of April when the next events take place with talk of world record attempts"

Daventry Town Council Mayor (Lynne Taylor)

Daventry Indoor Bowls Club

  • Daventry Indoor Bowling Club